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Envrionmental Protection

Over the years, we have been making every effort to achieve the goal of minimizing the use of energy as well as reducing wastes and emissions. This effort keeps us stay in line with the stringent government requirements in promoting circular economy on a nationwide scale. In the day-to-day production operation, we stick to the path of designing and manufacturing a line of energy-efficient, eco-friendly mining equipment.

Burning coal produces large quantities of coal ash, leading to additional air pollution. To eliminate coal ash emission, our company has specially designed the coal gasifier which turns the pulverized coal into coal gas. Coal gas provides many uses for industrial production and domestic life. It is a clean source of energy that greatly benefits industrial enterprises and citizens. The remaining coal dust left by the gasifier can be used as building material.

As well as the coal gasifier, other equipment is required to complete the production line manufacturing process, including the boring mill, milling machine, welding machine with CO2 shielding gas, automatic welding machine, roll bender, plate rolling machine, and drill press. Company regulation dictates that all the employees cut off the power supply to the workshop after work, and sort out wastes generated during production.

Cut Oil Use
The general office requires drivers to check their vehicles for any loose parts that might lead to leakage. It also demands that the business department should use the company-owned vehicles only for business purpose rather than for his or her own good.

In addition, technicians are asked to perform regular maintenance and repair on the production equipment to prevent any leakage. The maintenance and repair results should be documented properly.

Electricity Saving and Waste Disposal
A central lighting and heating system is adopted to provide light, and warmth or coolness from one point to multiple rooms. The purpose of centralized control is to minimize the use of electricity as well as other energy forms. Wastes produced by workers should be sorted out, in order for a clean working environment.