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    1. Sand and Gravel Production Linehe highly automated sand and gravel production line generally has high production capacity. The resulting product is generally of a consistent cubical shape, with no internal cracks, thus being able to withstand high compressive force.
      Equipment on the production line requires limited maintenance and repair. Highly wear-resistant materials are used to make the consumable parts, resulting in extended usage life. This saves significant amount money that otherwise would be spent on parts replacement.
    1. Mineral Processing LineMineral ores are first sent to the jaw crusher for primary crushing. Crushed ores of desired size are conveyed to the ball mill for grinding. The resulting mineral powder advances onward into the further process, where minerals are classified according to their size by exploiting the differences in their specific gravity. Clean, separated ore mixture arrives at the magnetic separator. Magnetically susceptible minerals are separated from the mixture under the magnetic force. In the flotation equipment, special chemicals are added to the floatation reagent to separate the desired minerals from the mixture. After flotation, ores might contain a lot of water within themselves. That is why the dewatering equipment is needed to remove excess water from the ore. Finally, the dewatered ore is dried by the drier and subsequently discharged from the mineral processing line.
    1. Active-lime Plant/Quicklime PlantOn the active-lime plant/quicklime plant, dolomite or limestone is sent through crushing, screening, pre-heating, calcination and cooling processes. The resulting products have consist good quality and low burnt-over rate, and thus can be used in building material, paper making, and metallurgy industries.
    1. Ceramsite Sand Production LineIn a ceramsite sand production line, raw feed is processed into a tiny, solid ball shape with ultra-smooth surface, via crushing, screening, calcining, and cooling processes. According to the variety of material to be crushed, different configurations may be used. The equipment is ideally suitable for processing clay, gangue, pulverized coal, shale, and urban sewage sludge.
    1. Cement Production LineA typical process of cement manufacture consists of six stages: crushing, grinding, calcining, cooling, ball milling, and classification. Our company offers to design, manufacture, and install the cement production line according to customer specific requirements.
    1. Aerated Concrete Block Production LineThe aerated concrete block production line consists of a series of eco-friendly processing equipment for building material industries. It is able to process waste materials into wall panels. Aerated concrete blocks produced by this line provide users with lightweight structure, insulation, and fire-resistance.
    1. Concrete Batching PlantThe concrete batching plant is made up of hopper, twin-shaft mixer, conveyor and other ancillary devices. This plant is commonly seen on the medium- and large-scale construction sites, where it is used to produce commercial concretes for highway, bridge, and building construction. For high automation and control efficiency, a microcomputer can be incorporated into the plant.
      The use of concrete batching plant is nearly endless. The equipment is suitable for road, bridge, dam, airport, and seaport applications. It consists of a twin shaft mixer that delivers maximum mixing capacity, consistent mixing quality, and high volume of output.

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