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    1. Three Pass Drum DryerThe three pass drum dryer is designed to handle granular material with good flowability. In a triple pass dryer, drying operation is carried out in three steps, each step within a separate drying cylinder. Noted for its high thermal efficiency in the removal of water from a wide range of slurries, suspensions, and solutions, the dryer uses small floor space, consumes little energy, and is easy to operate.
    1. Rotary Drum DryerThe drum sits at a low angle from the level ground. When the material flows from a higher end downward to the drum, it is met by another flow of heating medium that enters from the bottom of the drum. Hence, a counter-current is formed to allow a maximum contact area between the heating medium and heat material. Granted, the flow of feed stock can be in the same direction as that of heating medium.
    1. Rotary KilnAs the kiln rotates, the refractory bricks and heat exchanger roll along with it at a low speed. The kiln is often inclined slightly from the level ground. The process material is fed into the upper end of the cylinder. During its moving downward the cylinder, the material is met by an opposite flow of hot air. There is a burner set at the lower end of the kiln cylinder, from where flame is ejected into the cylinder. The off-gas is discharged from the upper end of the cylinder. During the whole process, the material undergoes both chemical and physical changes. Finished products are discharged from the lower end.
    1. Coal GasifierIn a gasification reactor, air and water vapor are added causing chemical reaction with coals to produce syngas, which is primarily comprised of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. The reactor can accommodate a variety of feed stocks, including char coal and coke. The resulting gas is utilized for heating furnaces in machinery, metallurgy, chemical glass, building material, food, and textile industries.

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