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Coal Gasifier

Coal gasfier is a state-of-the-art, energy-efficient piece of equipment that can fully convert coal into clean coal gas. The resulting gas product, also known as producer gas, can be used to generate electricity, drive shaft, or provide heat in the equipment like furnaces, dryers, kilns, and steam boilers. It is cleaner alterative to natural gas and coal.

In a gasification reactor, air and water vapor are added causing chemical reaction with coals to produce syngas, which is primarily comprised of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. The reactor can accommodate a variety of feed stocks, including char coal and coke. The resulting gas is utilized for heating furnaces in machinery, metallurgy, chemical glass, building material, food, and textile industries.

Low cost, fast installation, and easy and safe operation are the major benefits of the coal gasifier for its user companies. Coal gasifier-based power plant cuts the use of fuel by 20% compared to a typical coal combustion plant. Burning syngas brings more than 60% savings to heating furnace operators than is capable with fuel oil. In addition, gasification produces extremely low smoke emission. Gasification equipment totally meets the related environmental standard.

1. Coal Gas
2. Vacuum Zone
3. Drying Zone
4. Dry distillation zone
5. Reduction zone
6. Oxidation zone
7. Slag zone
8. Gasification zone
9. Air blast
10. Gasification Area for Coal in the Gasifier Chamber

In current industrial practice, three major types of fuels are used: solid, liquid, and gaseous fuels. So far as global fuel trend is concerned, the gaseous fuel has gained increased acceptance.

Coal gas produced from coal gasifier provides a clean, cost-effective source of fuels for industrial kilns.

Main Features
1. All the reactor parts are surrounded by water jackets to maintain a proper heat level conducive to gasification that results in high volume of syngas output.
2. The inside wall of the reactor is lined with 16mm-thick boiler plates. The outside lining is constructed from 12mm plain-carbon steel. Protective linings give reactor the ability to resist oxidation, corrosion, high temperature. They also ensure an increased use life of the reactor.
3. The cone classifier comes with an adjustable vane to ensure an even distribution of pulverized coal over the bed in the reactor. This results in increase in productivity and prevents the occurrence of localized fire.
4. The coal gasifier chamber is a tower separated into fiver tiers by pentagon shaped stove grate. Cast steel is used to make the grate. Optimal structural design ensures the air and water vapor evenly fills the reactor chamber, enabling the gasification process to be at an optimum operating level. It also leads to decreased carbon content in the slag.
5. The rotating motion of the ash pan is transmitted via the worm gear assembly. Grade 35 cast steel and grade 45 steel are used to strength the transmission parts, resulting in increased tensile strength, compressive strength, and stable, long-lasting operation of the gear drive.
6. Water sealed cyclone separator is capable of raising the water level to cut off the path between the gasifier and furnace in the event of gasifier breakdown. It ensures operational safety by preventing coal gas flowing back from the furnace to the gasifier.

Value-Added Service
We provide optional training program for operators from client companies in an attempt to contribute to the success of their operation.

Coal Gasifier Main Specification
Model QM0.8 QM1.0 QM1.2 QM1.5 QM1.6 QM1.8 QM2.0 QM2.4 QM2.6 QM3.0 QM3.2
Chamber Diameter(mm) 800 1000 1200 1500 1600 1800 2000 2400 2600 3000 3200
Hearth active surface(m2) 0.5 0.785 1.13 1.77 2.01 2.54 3.14 4.52 5.31 7.07 8.04
Suitable Fuel Carbonaceous material, anthracite, coke
Pulverized Coal Size(mm) 25-80
Fuel Consumption Rate kg/h 40-100 70-140 120-190 160-350 350-460 500-600 500-720 700-1040 850-1200 1700-2000 1800-2200
Gasifying Agent Air ,steam
Productivity(Nm³/h) 140-350 245-490 420-670 560-1200 1200-1600 1500-2100 1750-2500 2500-3600 3000-4300 6000-7000 6500-7500
Gas Calorific Value (Kj/Nm³) 5020-5670 5020-6000
Water Jacket Heating Area(m2) 4.02 5.02 6.78 10.37 11.06 12.44 17.58 21.87 23.69 30.16 32
Steam Output kg/h 60 80 130 200 220 260 350 420 600 840 200
Gas Outlet Temperature(°C) (400-500)Plants related with the coal (400-500)Plants related with the coal
Gas Outlet Pressure(Pa) 1000 980-1470 1470-1960 980-1470
Gas Outlet Diameter(mm) 219 325 325 426 426 529 630 720 820 1020 900
Air Pressure(Pa) 3000 4000 3000
Saturated Air Temperature(°C ) 50-60 50-65
Ash Pan Rotational Speed(r/h) 0.177-1.77
Gross Weight(t) 3.5 4.5 5 7.5 10 20 23.4 29.8 32 37.6 16
Total Machine Power(kw) 6 6 6 7 8 10 14 20 20 27 7
Tuyere Diameter(mm) 108 108 140 165 219 325 325 426 426 426 219

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