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Three Pass Drum Dryer

The three pass drum dryer is designed to handle granular material with good flowability. In a triple pass dryer, drying operation is carried out in three steps, each step within a separate drying cylinder. Noted for its high thermal efficiency in the removal of water from a wide range of slurries, suspensions, and solutions, the dryer uses small floor space, consumes little energy, and is easy to operate.

1. The dryer is comprised of a vibrating feeder, heating furnace, drying chamber, air intake system, air outlet, and more.
2. The vibrating feeder enables materials to spread uniformly on the wire belt. A fan takes in air and uses it to create high air flow that blows across the material to be dried. As the material dries, the moisture-laden air is discharged from the outlet.
3. The dryer produces low noise during operation, and is able to achieve optimum drying result while causing minimum product contamination.
4. Non-sticky drum wall is lined with a series of fins that allow the material to be lifted up before falling back down.
5. In the dryer, the material is ground, squeezed into a round shape, polished, and dried.
6. One noteworthy feature of the dryer is the flanges at both ends of the drum, which facilitate drum installation, removal and transportation.

1. 2011 best-selling rotary drum dryer from a company certified to ISO
2. Accurate thermal control ensures a uniform temperature.
3. High volume output

Application Areas
The three pass drum dryer is used to reduce moisture content in a variety of materials such as dry mineral slag, limestone, coal powder and clay,. It is commonly seen in the metallurgy, chemical, and cement production industries. In addition, this industrial grade dryer is also an integral part of fertilizer production line.

Work Principle
Traditionally, drying process requires tremendous amount of heat. To save energy, suspensions, solutions, or slurries should be mechanically dewatered or heated first before entering the dryer chamber.

Technical Specification
Model Capacity(t/h) Coal Consumption kg/t(Dry) Power(kw)
Slag Fly Ash Clay Yellow Sand
Φ2.0×4 5-10 4 4-7 10-15 12-14 7.5
Φ2.0×4.5 12-18 6 7-10 15-25 12-14 11
Φ2.5×5 20-30 10 10-15 25-35 10-12 15
Φ2.5×6 30-35 15 15-20 35-45 10-12 15
Φ3.0×6 35-40 20 20-23 45-55 8-10 23
Φ3.0×7 40-45 25 23-25 55-65 8-10 23
Φ3.2×7 45-50 30 25-30 65-75 6-8 30
Φ3.2×8 50-60 35 30-35 75-85 6-8 30
Φ3.6×8 60-70 40 35-40 85-95 6-8 46

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