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Sand Washing Machine

Usually used in conjunction with the vertical shaft impactor, our sand washing machine is built primarily to remove the clay, dirt, and crushing dust from the surface of crushed gravels. Water exiting the tank can be re-circulated for repeated use. Small footprint and energy efficiency are the major benefits of bucket wheel for user companies.

Unique to the XSD series is highly effective bucket wheel with its lower half placed in a tank. The bucket wheel, to explain in simple words, is a wheel having buckets attached to its rim. During dewatering and washing process, the bucket scoop up sands from the bottom of the tank while creating a vacuum that pulls water away as it leaves the tank.

This bucket wheel design allows the equipment to have large material handling capacity, high cleaning efficiency, and low failure rate while using little power and reducing the amount of sand washed away by water. As an ideal choice for your washing machine upgrade, the equipment is most commonly seen in the quarry, building material, road construction, chemical, reservoir construction, hydropower, and concrete mixing industries.

Main Features
1. This series of sand washing machine features a simplified structure. The wheel bearing assembly is installed above the washing tank, thus being protected from water or slurry damage.
2. The machine retains many advantages over traditional log washer. It prevents medium to fine sands from being carried away with water. Grain size distribution and fineness modulus of the resulting products meet the standard specified in the Construction Aggregates as well as Construction Pebbles and Gravels.
3. The sand washer contains no consumable parts other than the screen.
4. It provides long service life and maximum uptime availability.

Technical Specification
Model Washing Capacity (t/h) Output
Power (kw) Weight (kg)
GX2000 8-40 3-8 4 1900
GX2600 20-100 5-15 5.5 3500
GX2800 50-130 8-70 7.5 5100
GX3200 240-300 80-130 11 8800
GX3600 280-500 100-200 15 14200

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