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Vibrating Screen

The vibrating screen is capable of sorting incoming materials into different groups, each group containing particles of roughly the same size. It can be used in the coal dressing plant, urban waste management sector, and aggregate production line. The device provides maximum operating stability, large handling capacity, and high resistance to wear caused by abrasive materials. Different models offer choices of material processing capacity.

This vibrating screen gyrates in a circular motion. It is essentially a multi-deck gyratory screener that incorporates an eccentric shaft or off-centered weights to facilitate the adjustment of vibration amplitude. As the flow of material continues in a long line on the screen, near-sized particles gather together to form a group.

This type of screening equipment is used for fine to coarse particles, sizes that range from grain size to pebble size material. It is specially designed for quarry application. Coal, ore dressing, building material, electrical power and chemical industries can also use this device for products grading and classification. YZ and YK series are two of the most economical due to simple, sturdy structure, high sorting efficiency, ease of repair, little vibration noise, and operating safety.

Main Features
1. The shaker uses eccentric weights to generate strong vibration.
2. The horizontal beam is connected to the screening frame by high-strength bolts.
3. Rubber coupling offers operating stability and remarkable flexibility in all directions.
4. High-frequency, small-amplitude vibration enables lurching action at a larger angle.

Technical Specification
Model Number of Decks Screen Mesh size(mm) Feeding Size (mm) Production Capacity(t/h) Motor Power
2YK1235 2 5-120 <=400 60-210 5.5 3600
3YK1545 3 5-150 <=400 110-385 15 6800
2YK1854 2 5-200 <=400 200-450 18.5 8600
3YK1860 3 5-200 <=400 250-600 22 9200
3YK2160 3 6-200 <=400 300-750 37 12800
3YK2460 3 6-200 <=400 400-850 45 14100

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