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There are many different types of feeders. Each is designed for the specific variety of materials to be conveyed or the type of other material handling equipment it is used in conjunction with.

Following is a list of feeders that are commonly seen in material handling industry
1. Electromagnetic vibratory feeder
2. Revolving disc feeder (also known as rotating table feeder)
3. Pendulum feeder

The electromagnetic vibratory feeder is a state of the art material handling equipment that is specially designed for continuous feeding applications. It is commonly seen in the mining, metallurgy, coal chemical, electrical power, food, pharmaceutical, and construction industries.

The machine is able to process many types of materials, including fine, bulky, and powdery. It can be used to supply sticky or fine materials onto the belt conveyor, bucket elevator, screening device, cement mill, crusher and other machines. In packaging industry, the feeder allows a pre-measured portion of materials to be poured into the package. Years ago, material feeding process requires heavy manual handling tasks. With this machine, the material feeding turns into an automatic process.

Technical Specification
Model Feeding Speed(t/h) Maximum Allowable Size of Feed Stock(mm) Feeder Power (kw) Double Amplitude(mm) Clearance(mm) Total Weight(kg)
GZ1 5 50 0.60 1.75 1.9-2.2 75
GZ2 10 60 0.150 1.75 1.9-2.2 155
GZ3 25 70 0.200 1.75 1.9-2.2 225
GZ4 50 100 0.450 1.75 1.9-2.2 460
GZ5 100 150 0.650 1.75 1.9-2.2 656

Another noteworthy material handling equipment commonly seen in the quarry industry is the revolving disc feeder, or rotating table feeder as some might prefer. It is suitable for dealing with ore powders with particle size below 20mm.

The rotating table feeder is comprised of the main drive, feeder body, metering conveyor, and metering instrument. The feeder body and metering conveyor is driven by the same drive system. This drive system includes an electromagnetic clutch that controls the feeder to stop or start, or switch between different functions. The conveyor runs at a speed less than 1m/s. A speed detector is utilized to constantly monitor the conveyor speed. To ensure the metering roller does not deviate to the side, a checking rod is employed to adjust the amount of roller deviation.

This series of feeder has been exported to many oversea countries and regions including India, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Ecuador, Iran, Pakistan, Australia, and Middle East

Technical Specification
Model Feature Disc Diameter (mm) Feed-in Capacity (m3 /h) Disc Rotating Speed (r/min) Granule Size (mm) Power (kw)
600 With an Enclosed Pedestal Φ 600 0.69-3.9 8 25 Y90L-4 1.1KW
800 With an Enclosed Pedestal Φ 800 1.6-7 8 40 Y90L-4 1.5KW
1000 With an Enclosed Pedestal Φ 1000 4.2-12 8 50 Y100L-4 2.2KW
1200 With an Enclosed Pedestal Φ 1250 6-15 7.5 50 Y112L-4 4KW
1500 With an Enclosed Pedestal Φ 1500 12-21 7.5 50 Y120L-4 4KW
2000 With an Enclosed Pedestal Φ 2000 18-32 7.5 50 Y132L-4 7.5KW

The pendulum feeder is used to feed materials into the bin. It is applicable in coal dressing industry as well as other industrial settings, where the feeder is employed to deliver granular materials from the hopper to various equipment

Main Features
1. The pendulum feeder provides users with more stability, durability and safety.
2. The flow rate of powdery material can be changed and controlled.
3. The machine produces low noise and consumes little electricity.
4. Simple structure, light weight, small volume, and easy maintenance

Technical Parameter
Model Discharge Opening Size(mm) Swinging Times(r/min) Swinging Range(mm) Max. Feeding Size(mm) Power(kw)
300×300 250×250 68 0--90 12 0.8
400×400 350×300 47 0-170 30 1.1
600×600 550×400 45 0-220 50 3
750×750 600×450 35 50-200 65 4

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