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Spiral Separator

Spiral Separator

The spiral separator is a piece of equipment that performs the operation of gravity concentration. It takes advantage of differences in specific gravity between heavy metals and light wastes to sort them apart. This separator allows heavy metals such as alluvial gold, chrome ore, and tungsten ore to slide down along the spiral chute in a controlled manner without flying out of the channel. The resulting concentrate can have high purity.

This series of wet spiral separator separates solid particles in a slurry, based on the solid particles density and their hydrodynamic property. It includes a spiral chute, along which slurries are guided downward. As solid particles are carried down by the water flow, they become loosely bonded to each other. Lighter particles float on the surface of water and quickly reach the bottom of the flight. Heavier particles sink down to the bottom of water, experience drag from the bottom and so they travel much slower. After the sorting is done, two products are obtained: concentrate and tailing.

The spiral separator is an ideal tool to have for alluvial miners on the job sites of seaside, river banks, sand beaches, and ravine side. It is suitable for sorting fine ores with particle sizes ranging between 0.02mm and 0.3mm, including iron ore, ilmenite, chromite, pyrite, zircon, rutile, monazite, tungsten, tin, tantalum, niobium ore, and other nonferrous metals, rare metals, and nonmetal ores.

This spiral chute features a simple structure. It uses little floor space, and is easy to operate and install. With this reliable device, ores of different properties can be clearly separated and easily distinguished by operators. Further benefits of the helical trough include large handling capacity, great sorting efficiency, high percent recovery, and maximum enrichment ratio. Though lightweight, the chute channel is sturdy, corrosion resistant and produces little noise. It is able to adapt to the variations in the feeding amount, slurry concentration, mineral particle size, and mineral grade.

Specifications (Wet Type)
Type Chute Diameter (mm) Pitch
Number of Chute Sections Chute Slope Angle Cross Section Capacity(t/h) Size of Feed Stock(mm) Water Flow Speed(l/min) Slurry(%)
Slurry Dry Ore
FLX-1,3,4 600 360 5 9 Complex ellipse 3-6 1-2 2-0.04 1.5-3 10-35
950 480 4 9.25 ellipse 18 3-4 <6 0.9 8-15
1200 708-784 4 9 Approximate circle 28 5.5-7.5 <6 2.2 20-25
DL-1,3,4 2000 1200 3.5 9 Approximate circle 220 15-40 0.04-4 1.5 20-45

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