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Flotation Machine

The flotation machine is most commonly seen in ore dressing industry. It can be used to separate valuable copper, lead, zinc, gold, and silver from waste gangue. Users can pair this machine with our ball mill, classifier, and mixing drum to form an integrated ore dressing line. Typical benefits of this machine include energy efficiency, low operating cost, and improved output.

Several operations are involved in the flotation process, including roughing, scavenging, cleaning, and reverse flotation. Through these stages, usable minerals are recovered and upgraded.

Our flotation machine is characterized by the great suction capacity and low power consumption. It includes three troughs. Each trough is able to independently perform the multiple functions of air suction, slurry pumping, and flotation, without the aid of any ancillary equipment. Unique layout design allows easy change of process flows. Slurry is optimally circulated within the trough, ensuring product purity as there are few coarse sands sinking to the bottom which cause contamination. The slurry level can be automatically and conveniently controlled to prevent overflow. The impeller is comprised of the upper and lower vanes which tilt slightly backward. The upper vane enables the waste gangue to float to the surface while the lower one aids the valuable metals to sink to the bottom of the slurry.

Specifications (Wet Type)
Model No. SF0.37 SF0.7 SF1.2 SF2.8 SF4 SF8
Trough Volume
0.37 0.7 1.2 2.8 4 8
Impeller Diameter (mm) 300 350 450 550 650 760
Production Rate (m3/min) 0.2-0.4 0.3-0.9 0.6-1.2 1.5-3.5 0.5-4 4-8
Rotation Speed of Impeller (r/min) 352 400 312 268 238 191
Electric Motor Model Y90L-4 Y100L2-4 Y132M2-6 Y160L-6 Y180L-6 Y250M-8
Y90S-4 Y90S-4 Y90S-4 Y90S-4 Y90L-4 Y100L-6
Power (kw) 1.5 3 5.5 11 15 30
1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.5 1.5
Dimension (mm) 700×700×750 900×820×950 1100×1100×1100 1700×1600×1150 1850×2050×1200 2200×2900×1400
Weight per Trough(kg) 468 600 1373 2338 2660 4130

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