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Multi-Cyclone Separator

The multi-cyclone separator is a variation of cyclone dust collector. It comprises a number of small-diameter cyclones operating together. As one of the most effective and energy-efficient type of dust collectors, the multi-clone separator uses very small floor space and is specially designed to hand coarse dust.

General Introduction
Ceramic materials are used to make the multi-cyclone separator, resulting in a device that provides dependable operating efficiency, long service life, and great resistance to corrosion, temperature, and abrasion

1. The durable nature of ceramic allows the separator to cope with large volume of dust-laden wind.
2. There is the temptation to choose cyclonic separator due to its lower cost compared to electrostatic precipitator. It also eliminates the need of circulating water such as that required in a wet scrubber.
3. Ease of operation, installation and maintenance are extra benefits for multi-cyclone separator users.

Work Principle
As the dust-laden gas enters the cyclone through an inlet, dust is gradually separated from the gas under the influence of the centrifugal force. The dust then drops into a hopper and discharged from the airlock feeder. During this process, dust with a particle size over 4μm is removed.

For further purification, the gas should be sent through desulphurization process. Via a hand-operated valve, liquid chemicals are sprayed over the gas to trigger chemical reactions between them whereby remaining dust and sulfur dioxide are removed. Desulphurization is often followed by dewatering process where water vapor contained in the gas is removed.

Technical Specification
Model Boiler Flue Gas Treatment Dust Removal Efficiency Resistance of Flue Gas Ringelman Emittance Grade Desulphurization Efficiency
MW t/h (M3/h) % /Pa %
XLG-2 1.4 2 6000 98 1200-1500 <1 70-80
XLG-4 2.8 4 12000 98 1200-1500 <1 70-80
XLG-6 4.2 6 18000 98 1200-1500 <1 70-80
XLG-8 5.6 8 24000 98 1200-1500 <1 70-80
XLG-10 7.0 10 30000 98 1200-1500 <1 70-80
XLG-15 10.5 15 45000 98 1200-1500 <1 70-80
XLG-20 14 20 60000 98 1200-1500 <1 70-80
XLG-35 24.5 35 105000 98 1200-1500 <1 70-80
XLG-75 52.5 75 225000 98 1200-1500 <1 70-80

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