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Pan Granulator

The pan granulator is primarily designed for the fertilizer industry, where it is used to granulate and palletize fertilizer particles. This equipment is superior to a rotary drum or pug mill for its high volume output, small footprint, and maximum throughput yield.

Pan granulation process has been developed to aid the production of materials that contain small to medium portion of compound fertilizer salts. It is also utilized to granulate organic and inorganic compound fertilizer as well as straight fertilizer.

Main Features
The sides of granulation pan are made of one curved piece. This unique design of the pan granulator ensures a high throughput yield up to 93%. The pan has three discharge outlets which make it possible to conduct intermittent production process. This production mode greatly reduces labor intensity and improves production efficiency.

Driven by an electric motor via a piece of flexible belt, the gear reducer ensures the stability of motor start-up, reduces the impact force, and improves the use life of whole equipment. Pan bottom is supported and strengthened by a number of steel bars arranged in a radial pattern. It is sturdy and uneasy to deform. The granulator base is thickened to provide a robust support to the pan while eliminating the need of ground clamp to fix the structure to the ground.

Main gear sets of the pan granulator have been through high frequency quenching for doubled use life. High-strength fiber reinforced plastic is used to pave the inner pan surface, resulting in a highly corrosion-resistant pan.

Pan Diameter Rotation Speed of Pan (r/min) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Range of Incline Angle Dimensions (m) Weight (kg)
Ø2.2 14.25 4-8 7.5 35-55 2.8×2.75×2.58 2850
Ø2.5 11.81 5-10 7.5 35-55 3.2×2.3×3 3250
Ø2.8 11.21 12-16 7.5 35-55 3.4×2.6×3.1 3710
Ø3.0 11.3 15-18 11 35-55 3.7×2.7×3.3 4350
Ø3.2 9.6 15-20 11 35-55 3.9×2.7×3.4 5110
Ø3.6 9.1 18-24 15 35-55 4.3×3.1×4.0 6510

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